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37 bullfrog Rd,
Grantvill PA 17028

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Horse Care tips

Check for poisonous plant.
We do check for poisonous plants in our pasture weekly, at the very least. The most harmful plants are yew, deadly nightshade, ragwort, foxglove, buttercups, oak leaves and acorns, bracken, laurel, privet, meadow saffron, castor bean, locoweed, horsetail, star thistle, and sorghum.
Fenced Pasture,
to prevent our horses from escaping or being injured, we have both white and back wired fenced well secured
we have natural grove of trees which provides good shade, and our shelter is large enough to enable all our horses to fit inside together.
Constant supply of fresh,
clean water, we do refill our horses` watering bucket at least twice daily and whenever it is empty to make sure they do not lack water at any time during the day.
we have proper bedding for all our horses as all their stalls are filled with straw bedding so our horses do not stand on hard floor all day and they can equally lie down to rest.
Clean stable,
our stables are clean and mucked out daily
our horses are very healthy strong and sound as they are been checked for any wound or infection regularly. Horses are shipped with a current coggin test and a health certificate to assure customer horse is healthy sound and safe.
we feed our horses with hay and grass they eat 15-20 pounds of hay each day, so we make sure they always have hay and grass to chew all time. They are also fed with oats, corn, and barley which is also essential in their nutrition
we have a horse trailer that we often use to carry our horses to long distant areas so they can also interact with other new horses. That is very important to make your horse be friendly and social.
shipping charge varies depending on customer`s location. Our horses are transported by road. We guarantee safe, secure and healthy delivery for our horses. Our horses are shipped with originals of the coggin test and health certificate
Our horses are sold together with all their accessories, Saddle, Tack built blanket etc.
delivery takes averagely 7 days or less depending on customer`s location or stable/barn address
Location : 37 bullfrog Rd,
Grantvill PA 17028
Tel # :+1 (717) 403-1779
Email :

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